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Filipino Martial Arts

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Reaching to touch base in all attributes of tools, this art utilizes a wealth of improvised weaponry to include the empty hand, blunt, edged and flexible items. Some would even say that the system encompasses the most complete martial arts ever known. Coordination, perception speed and strategy are only a few of the major skill sets that can be gained from this martial art.

Hampton Roads Best Filipino Martial Arts Program

From traditional to modern techniques, Filipino Martial Arts is for you. As the name suggests, the art was born and developed in the Philippines as a means of self protection for oneself, one's family and their land. Today, it has spread throughout the world to gain popularity with military, law enforcement and even seen in popular movies. Movies like 300, The Book of Eli, The Hunted, Resident Evil and the Bourne series, they have all made its way to show how effective and elegant this martial art really is. This art utilizes a wealth of improvised weaponry to include the empty hand, blunt, edged and flexible items.

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For Beginners: Self Protection, Learn Culture, Practical Skills

For Advanced: Sayoc Kali, Combat Arts, Increased Skillsets


We invite you to visit our professional martial arts academy here in Virginia Beach to watch a Filipino Martial Arts class. As you watch class, imagine you are in class with a room full of other students exercising and trying to better themselves. Observe class and find that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Let martial arts become your best resource for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Superb Skill Sets

Develop extraordinary hand/eye coordination and speed that is essential to your self protection arsenal.

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You Are Not Just Learning the Art

Through the Filipino Martial Arts, you will discover more than just fighting skill. You will find history, heritage and a full legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. Becoming a complete martial artist in this art involves learning about the people and the culture of where it originated from.

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