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Virginia Beach Best Martial Arts Training Under One Roof!

Featured Classes

Impact Martial Arts Academy has a full selection of martial arts classes, ranging from Filipino Kali, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts. Make Impact your choice for all your training needs under one roof!
Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

One of the most complete martial art systems of the world. Develop extraordinary hand/eye coordination and speed that is essential to a self defense arsenal. Battle proven.
Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Also known as the Science of Eight Limbs. These classes are great for fitness and can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Check out our Adult's Classes and Kid's classes! Boost your discipline, strength and fitness with this powerful martial art!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A Martial Art, Combat Sport and Self Defense System focusing on grappling and ground control. Since fights do end up on the ground, training in this martial art will enable you to defend yourself in this situation no matter what size you are.

Why private lessons?

There are so many reasons to take private lessons, but the one of the major factors is the customizable progress that each person gets to have. Since everyone has their own unique strengths and ways of learning, taking lessons privately can speed up the average learning process! Imagine taking three months of training and condensing it into one to two months and still have the integrity of really strong attributes.

Private lessons are dedicated to the student and to the student only. The teacher can concentrate by focusing all the time working on the skills each student needs to improve.

What about for advanced students?

Well, through private lessons, the teacher can take them way beyond the normal curriculum and tap into many gateways of learning. A heavily concentrated dose of learning just for the student can help them achieve their goals relatively in a short amount of time. Schedule your private lesson today and see how far you can take yourself as a student of the martial arts!

Want to share the experience of a private lesson with a friend?

Even better! We offer discounted rates for a mini group for up to 4. Reduce your cost for private lessons by taking advantage of our mini group rates.

Hey Ladies! Did you know we have highly qualified female instructors?

That's right! Want to just train in a women's only environment? Let us know and we can schedule your lesson with a Women's only session.


Private Lesson rates (1 hour sessions, adult and kid packages)

  • One Lesson
  • Package of 5
  • Package of 10

Mini private group up to 4:  each person for 1 lesson

Group of 5 or more: Contact us for a rate quote by filling out the form on the right.

Lessons offered

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Filipino Martial Arts
  • Jeet Kune Do (Certified Instructor)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Judo
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


See what others are saying about their experience here at Impact.

Ani Hilditch

Impact Martial Arts Acadamy has a wealth of knowledgable instructors who love what they do.

-Ani Hilditch
Carrie Carrigan

My son is the one taking classes, but I never feel as though I am just an observing Mom. The entire staff is genuine and awesome.

-Carrie Carrigan
Carlos David Oliveira

Amazing martial arts school, great environment friendly atmosphere, awesome place to train!

-Carlos David Oliveira
Greg Gent

I have skills to carry with me, friends I will never forget, and memories to last a life time.

-Greg Gent
Elliott Fisher

Here, you are surrounded by a Tribe that makes you feel at home and welcomed. Coaches push you to give it your all. Great place to train.

-Elliott Fisher
Tamara Rawls

This Academy is simply amazing!

-Tamara Rawls
Gil Salang

Impact Martial Arts is so impressive with their customer service, children's, and adult programs. The atmosphere is so positive and family oriented that you want to learn more.

-Gil Salang
Juan Reyes

It's been the best thing I've done with my life. The atmosphere is great and the teachers are patient and understanding. Feels just like home since day 1.

-Juan Reyes
Charles Solimon

Without a doubt the best place I've ever been for training. the instructors are great at what they do, the students work well together, and there's a genuine sense of belonging.

-Charles Solimon
Elric Santos

Great instructors & fundamentals for kids to learn their skills. Awesome family oriented place & they really teach kids discipline & respect!!!

-Elric Santos
Lem Tasin

Great place to train and grow as a student and individual. The atmosphere here helps you reach your goals while also getting a good workout.

-Lem Tasin

Not in Shape?

You don't have to be in shape to attend classes. At IMPACT, we build strong basic foundations of fitness in a structured format that positively lines up to your fitness goals and at the same time developing yourself at the champion level.

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Are You a Beginner?

In our beginner friendly classes, you will be able to train in safely and take advantage of a world class team environment.

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Impact Martial Arts Academy

3877 Holland Road Suite 511

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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