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TrustYourTraining SayocKali2014



This past weekend was a double header full of awesome events, one of them being a FMA seminar with none other than Tuhon Jimmie Sayoc from our Sayoc Kali family. This seminar was a great chance for us to train with one of Pamana Tuhon Chris’s sons and one of the 10 official Sayoc Kali Tuhons. Several of us, including two of our own Kuyas, headed up to Portsmouth for a full day of fantastic FMA training.


Any opportunity to train with our Sayoc Kali instructors is always an eye-opening experience that helps bring our FMA training and mindset to a different level. So being able to train with Tuhon Jimmie was an incredible experience and opportunity. Still fresh from our time with Tuhon Jimmie and the rest of our Sayoc Kali family, we bring back the insight and ideas to the rest of our Sayoc Kali Virginia Beach Training Group. Many thanks again to Tuhon Jimmie and to our friends at Bushido Mixed Martial Arts who hosted the seminar. We look forward to training with Tuhon Jimmie and our Sayoc Kali family again at Sama Sama 2015, if not sooner.


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