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Thank you to all that served our country! This national holiday, that started in 1938, is honored today to appreciate those who served the military in all forms. Together we can show gratitude for the many opportunites that resulted from the dedication to make the world what it is today.


Two of Impact's BJJ competitors, Geno Quintin and Rob Shermer, went up to the Newbreed Ultimate Challenge in Richmond. Rob Shermer brought home a 2nd place medal in his Gi division after a gauntlet of tough opponents. Geno Quintin brought home a 3rd place medal in his No-Gi division and a 2nd place medal in his Gi division. Both Competitors trained hard and learned much from the tournament. We're so excited for the next upcoming event!



Excellent work to the MMA fighters on October 22nd! Representing the school, Marshall Shermer and Jay Cichorz put in incredible displays of strength to bring home two more wins! Jay, being the 4th fight of the evening, perservered a tough boxing and clinchwork game versus his opponent and won the match by TKO in the very first round. Marshall, being the 7th fight of the evening, worked his BJJ and Muay Thai skills in the first round. With leg attacks, both striking and grappling, Marshall setup a rear choke and caused his opponent to tapout in the second round.


Come and join us for a free self defense workshop on November 11th, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. This event is open to the public, so friends and family are welcome to participate!

Powerful Word of the Month: FOCUS

Focus is such an important skill given that there are so many sights and sounds that compete for our attention these days. Children are naturally curious. They react to sounds, sights, and stimulation around them. Of course, this makes it challenging to concentrate on only one thing! Concentration takes practice, skill, natural maturation and sometimes a little help from patient adults too!


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