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Fall schedule starts on September 12, 2016 and we have added a few options to our programs! Please visit this page for the full schedule. Listed below are a few updates you'll find there.


We will be celebrating Labor Day weekend as we remember the contributions from the workers of our country for the well being of everyone. We will be closed September 5th, 2016. Remember to stay safe and we'll see you in class on Tuesday!



Powerful Word of the Month: POSITIVE ATTITUDE

A positive attitude is an optimistic way of thinking, feeling and acting in the face of everyday challenges. People with positive attitudes choose to look for the good. They are “good-finders.”There’s a growing body of research that tells us that a positive attitude can have incredible benefits. From success to resiliency to health and wellness, a positive attitude can go a long way.

Powerful Word of the Month: CHARITY

The Powerful Word of the month for August is “charity.” Charity is voluntarily giving to those in need. Some might choose to give to other people-- such as to children, families or veterans. Others might give to a cause such as research to further science and medicine, environmental protection, freedom or safety.


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