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Leveling up in Muay Thai

Congratulations to our dedicated Muay Thai Testers on their new ranks. We're super proud of all the explorers and juniors that were promoted as well. Many great people earned their promotions and we are very grateful for the continued support and hardwork put into themselves in the school.

Congratulations to the Apprentice Instructors

This April we improved and shared our growing instructor knowledge with this year's set of dedicated individuals. Impact welcome's its new recruits and gives thanks to the continued support by our senior instructors and welcome them into their newly promoted ranks.

Bringing Home an Incredible Win

Rob Shermer finishes his opponent Demar Holloway with a well executed triangle choke in the second round. The lightweight matchup against an opponent with 9 times the fight experience was an intense bout. In the first round Demar secured a takedown and Rob went straight for a triangle choke. Demar escaped into a side control and Rob had great defense that kept him protected for the remainder of the round.

Powerful Word of the Month: MANNERS

This month, the Powerful Word of the month is Manners; a vital character concept that will help your children to understand the importance of using polite words and respectful actions that show other people that they matter.

Powerful Word of the Month: HONESTY

Honesty is a quality and virtue that can be taught to children. This month through our kids martial arts program, we will be strengthening the ability to be honest. When our children develop a healthy understanding of honesty, they can also become more aware when someone is being dishonest to them. This can help them defend themselves against bullies that try to take advantage of them. The month's powerful word has postivie effects on character development and building self esteem. We look forward to seeing you in class!


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